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Use our Jambel Jerk sauce as a marinade or brush right onto a dish



Aioli with a kick! Spread some on a sandwich or for dipping your fries



Our new dry rubs bring a world of flavour to any kind of dish


Real Ingredients. Good food.



traditional flavours, modern twist

Our line of products take the original, traditional flavours from Jamaica and Belgium and bring them into the now, creating dishes for the whole family to enjoy!



custom orders

and special accommodations

We proudly offer gluten-free versions of our jerk sauces as part of our regular lineup and will do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have. Send any inquires to



only the finest, ethically-sourced ingredients

Only the highest quality ingredients are used to make Jambel products, and we're sure to use local ingredients wherever possible to help support producers in our local communities.


“Most things I find just go for heat and sacrifice all the flavour, but this is the best of both worlds. Made me a customer for life. I honestly can't get enough!”

— Alex, Ottawa

“I get the Extra Extra Hot jerk sauce and it absolutely blows me away but has me licking my fingers anyway because it just tastes so good!”

— George, Gatineau


Our name represents our Jamaican and Belgian family roots that influence the core of all our food. With the bold flavour of traditional Jamaican spices and the authentic European flair of Belgian cuisine, we strive to bring you and your family the best of both worlds.


about us

Jambel is a small, family-run food company. We pride ourselves on promoting and partnering with local producers to bring you the best quality food around. Our focus is quality and flavour above all else.


We are firm believers that supporting local business breeds a strong economic community. With our beginnings in local farmers markets, we have a vested interest in improving the local food scene and strive to do so at every opportunity.